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False. The belief in changing from print-writing to cursive is a very recent invention.
Until the mid-twentieth century, students learning to read the alphabet were taught — at the same early age — to write it in the style they 8767 d be expected to use as adults: a style built with joins, from the get-go. Students learned to write one alphabet, not two.
In the last few centuries of that write-one-alphabet tradition — from the Baroque era onward — the form that small *censored*ren were taught, right from the beginning of learning the alphabet, was a cursive relentlessly joined and looped: with elaborate letter-shapes very distant from the printed letters that the beginners were learning to read at the same time. From the very first day at *censored*, print was for reading cursive was for writing.
That old practice, in turn, had evolved — or devolved — from a yet earlier handwriting tradition: documented in (.) the first-ever handwriting textbooks, which had been published during the Renaissance. In the Renaissance era, the standard alphabet that students were taught to write, from the beginning of their ABC days, was a semi-joined, streamlined — but overall print-like — style with a slight slant. Only the easiest joins between letters were attempted: the rest were handled by efficient pen-lifts. (This is eerily similar to the writing subconsciously done by the fastest and clearest handwriters today. No matter what they 8767 ve been taught, the highest-speed highest-legibility handwriters tend to gravitate towards producing an efficiently semi-joined and rapid print-like form.)
This earlier form of lifelong handwriting, pre-dating the conventional cursive that people today sometimes pretend has been around forever, has has various names since its origin — today, it is most often called 8775 italic handwriting 8776 (or 8775 italic 8776 for short) by people who know the history of our handwriting, and by the increasing number today who are reviving italic as a single, simple, rapid handwriting style which can be used consistently from a *censored* 8767 s very first writing lesson and throughout the lifespan. For more information on italic handwriting, and some info on handwriting 8767 s history: http:// , http:// , http:// , http:// , http://- , http:///calligraphy/italic/
Pretending that print-then-cursive has been around for five hundred years — or pretending that the writing taught five hundred years ago was the printing or cursive of today — is as if we pretended that people five hundred years ago were texting on mobile phones.

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